Spied! 2015 Sea-Doo Eye-Scorching Lineup Leaked Online (Updated)

[Editor’s Note: As not to unleash the unimaginable torment that BRP has in mind for us, we’ve had to amend this story. Unfortunately, you’ll notice that all of the super cool spy shots we had up this morning are now gone. So instead, please enjoy the article now edited to remove any spoilers.]


If the last few weeks are any sign of how 2015 is going to be, we’re off to a pretty rocky start. While we’re not dealing with Snowden-level espionage here, the amount of leaks springing up are enough to give the little Dutch boy fits. Back in early August, only a day before the official release of the 2015 Yamaha WaveRunner lineup, the whole catalog was uploaded online. Needless to say, the Internet in its ever-vigilance snatched it up and posted all the leaked press pictures online. The leak was plugged up, the images removed from as many chat room threads as possible, but the cat was already out of the bag.

A couple of weeks ago, images of all-new 2015 Kawasakis sprang up on the Facebook wall of Australian powersports dealership, Brisbane Kawasaki. The Watercraft Journal caught wind of the spy shots and quickly shared the untimely reveal (but again, not before message boards managed to publish the link before us). The ensuing article stirred up some dust within the halls of Kawasaki, and some hides were tanned.


Then came yesterday morning. A bevy of emails and text messages came in declaring, “Sea-Doo leaked their 2015 brochure!” And sure enough, they did. The leak was purely accidental and the downloadable PDF was removed, but well past the time necessary for savvy Sea-Doo fans to download the file. Needless to say, message boards, chat rooms and social media threads are awash in pictures and screen captures of the new Sea-Doos. There’s a lot of noise out there, and frankly, we won’t have all of the information for nearly a month, so we’ll try not to speculate.

Thankfully, Sea-Doo has included some updated technology to their 2015 models, specifically a new REDACTED.


Much of brochure is dedicated to outlining Sea-Doo’s commitment to innovation and technology, pushing their claim to the only functioning suspension system, iTC and of course, being the first PWC with a functioning brake, particularly in the wake of Yamaha’s RiDE system. Big surprises for the new year are a REDACTED.

What will likely be the biggest discussion topic is Sea-Doo’s color choices for the rest of its lineups. For those who liked the wild iridescent colors on last year’s REDACTED models (REDACTED and REDACTED), you’re gonna love what Sea-Doo is coming out with. If your tastes are little more subtle, maybe consider picking up a current 2014 unit, because these REDACTED. Colors like REDACTED are REDACTED.


Starting with the REDACTED, every unit gets a family makeover. The REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTEDREDACTED and REDACTED all get drenched in Sea-Doo’s REDACTED. We particularly like the REDACTED. This polarizing colorization is the only change to the 215 and 260-horsepower lineup.

If the REDACTED isn’t your taste, then thankfully, Sea-Doo has retained a little bit of its sanity when handling the luxurious REDACTED series. Beginning with the REDACTED, the REDACTED and REDACTED are all available in REDACTED. The REDACTED.


And finally, the REDACTED lineup features some of the most distinct coloring of them all. Both the REDACTED and REDACTED are REDACTED. Covered bow to keel in REDACTED, with highlights in either REDACTED, the brand’s REDACTED line is enjoying some seriously REDACTED.

As we’ve said before, Sea-Doo is nothing if not daring, and these colors are a bold statement. Whether the world is ready for REDACTED, but we’re sure they’ll never be mistaken for any other brand. Expect more information as it rolls out, but until then, REDACTED and REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED!

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