Yamaha Sneakily Upgrades All SVHO Pumps for 2020

Many times the OE manufacturers like to slip in mechanical upgrades and changes without letting the media or general public know. The only way word gets out is via mechanics and dealers who suddenly realize that a particular part number has either vanished completely or been superseded. That appears to be the case with Yamaha’s Super Vortex High Output-equipped WaveRunners for 2020.

Eagle-eyed enthusiasts picked up on the part number change as well as some key improvements from the outgoing pump housing to the new item, which include the integration of a new stainless steel, replaceable wear ring and pump all into one single housing.

Previously, the pre-2020 SVHO pump was not a “true” 160mm, but rather used a 155mm stator and a 160mm impeller and liner. The new pump is 160mm all the way through due in large part to the incorporated single-piece design. Not only does this reduce the number of parts, but also permits for extended use and longevity – a particular plus for the performance-oriented SVHO owner.

Jerry Gaddis of Greenhulk.net picked up on the change, uploaded some images and wrote on the forum:

Hi guys, check out the new pump coming on 2020 Yamaha SVHO WaveRunners! It’s a very cool design which incorporates the wear ring and pump all into one housing. The most interesting thing is the wear ring is a stainless steel insert and is replaceable. Very nice thinking on the part of Yamaha…

The new 2020 SVHO pump is a true 160mm pump. Previous SVHO pumps used a 155mm stator and a 160mm impeller and liner. Having a true 160mm stator will greatly improve cavitation problems that we have previously seen and it will also improve rough water hookup. This pump setup will work on all previous SHO and SVHO skis.

I have these kits at a discounted price and you can preorder now. Expected availability is October 2019.
Guys, if you want one of these upgrades I highly recommend you pre order it now. This will be a VERY popular upgrade and expect them to go on back order frequently. Those who order first will get theirs first as they come off of back order. Basically, if you wait for them to be “in stock” you will be waiting a very long time.

This is a complete kit which includes the pump housing, stainless steel wear ring insert, bearings, seals, etc. Everything you need to transfer over your driveshaft to the new pump setup.

– Jerry

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