Yamaha Waverunner Racers Continue AquaX Hot Streak

Yamaha racers are leading the charge after competing and winning Rounds two and three of the P1 AquaX Tour Series, according to a piece on the Yamaha website.

Eric Francis, Brian Baldwin, and Nicolas Rius won motos in Round 2, which was held in St. Petersburg,FL June 17th and 18th. The three of them rode Yamaha GP1800s. However, the Yamaha FX SVHO rider, Chris MacClugage grabbed second place in all three motos and took first overall in the competition. MacClugage’s first place finish catapulted him into the number one slot in world rankings.

Round 3 was held July 1st and 2cd in Sarasota, Florida. Yamaha rider Brian Baldwin finished first in the overall. Only two motos were held at this event due to extenuating circumstances. Baldwin rode his Yamaha GP1800 to the win. Cyrille Lemoine finished third overall. Lemoine also rode a Yamaha GP1800.

Yamaha GP1800 team rider Mike Klippenstein helped the squad take the top 5 positions.
After the completion of three rounds of the tour, Yamaha’s Chris MacClugage, Brian Baldwin, and Eric Francis have the top 3 positions wrapped up in the overall ratings.

Since the 2015 addition of the P1 AquaX Enduro Pro class, the Yamaha team has remained undefeated. It looks like the team is on track to continue its dominance. We’ll see what happens as round 4 of the series unfolds next month in Islamorada, Florida. 
Team Yamaha is definitely in it to win it!

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