Yamaha Waverunners Sweep AquaX Round 2


AquaX is a grueling test of man and machine. Winning takes strength, guts, determination, and of course, being on the best machine never hurts. So far, the Yamaha WaveRunners appear to be a very strong competitor, and the past round in Jacksonville was a very good outing for Yamaha, with the overall in all three classes going to Yamaha riders!

With a totally new hull, the NanoXcel2, the FZRs are better in the rough than ever, as the Aswar brothers have proven so far this year. Aqsa and Aero took first and second overall respectively, and are currently number one and two in the points race. Not taking anything away from Aqsa or Aero, as they are both phenomenal riders, but they are really showing what the FZR SVHO is capable of when ridden to its full potential.


In the 250 class, Brian Baldwin won each moto, which of course, means he took the overall win for the event. Second was Paloma Noceda, who had two second place motos (first and third motos) and got fourth place in the second moto.

In the 200 class, the Yamaha VXR is the weapon of choice for many of the top riders in the class such as Rob Greenwald and Travis Zielasko. In fact, every rider except for one was on a VXR! Zielasko won every moto with fellow Yamaha rider, Greenwald getting second. Evidently the new VX hull is a big all around improvement for handling and rough water riding.

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