All Your Official 2017 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Registration And Rules

hahn-poster-2017With the holidays quickly approaching we can easily forget about a very important race coming up. The Mark Hahn Memorial 300 race is a tribute to former racer Mark Hahn. When Mark Hahn died, his legacy stayed with the racing community. Here is a quick review of the event, rules, and entry form. The full review and specifics will be located on the bottom of the page.

Registration and Dinner:
The race will take place on February 12, 2017 in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Camping reservations for the Crazy Horse Campground are limited so be sure to call them at (928) 855-4033 as spots will fill up quickly. Once you have your sleeping arrangements in order make sure that you and your team members hold a current IJSBA membership. At registration you will be asked to show your card so you must have it! Luckily if your membership is expired or do not have one you can get one at registration. Becoming a member is $50 for one year.

Since this is a IJSBA sanctioned race, all rules and regulations will be enforced. Registration will be held at Havasu Powersports from 10am to 5pm on saturday, February 11th. There will be a dinner to conclude the events, each racer will have an armband which will give them entry into the complimentary dinner. Tickets for non racers will be $25 and can be paid in advance or at the door. Dinner buffet will begin at 5:30 and the awards will start at 6:00.


Race Information:
All boats must have current registration from whatever state they are form and wear USCG equipment at all times. Boats will need to have race numbers that are legible and  easy to read. There will be no duplicates of numbers so it is on a first come first serve basis. Arm bands must be worn by racers at all times to ensure that everyone is there for the race and is a member of IJSBA. This is not a closed course event but with the help of chaseboats, United States Coast Guard and the Bureau of Land Management racers will be protected by normal boating traffic that is using the lake.


2017 Stand Up Refueling:
Since stands ups have a much smaller fuel tank compared to the larger sit down boats, you may only refuel your stand up with a hand held fuel jug or a gravity fed can. If you have any questions about refueling please contact Ross Wallach at

Race Time!
There will be a mandatory racer meeting at 7:30am before the race. The starting line is organized by order of entry. Sit Down riders will start 50-yards behind their boat and when the gun is shot, run to their boats and take off! Riders must maintain their lane until they pass the buoys marking the hot pits. Stand up riders will start 2 minutes after the sit down riders.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the following:
Jim Russell –
Mike Follmer –
Ross Wallach –



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