America’s Motor Sports Pre-Season Sea-Doo Sales Event

It’s that time of year again and Madison, TN America’s Motor Sports is on it with a Sea-Doo pre-season sales event. Now is the time to buy a new Sea-Doo from the shop. According to Sea-Doo, “Your Sea-Doo Life starts at just $5,399.” That is the base price for the 2019 Spark models. The price excludes taxes, delivery, and registration fees. It may also vary, depending on the incentives and rebates offered.

The Pre-Season Event also offers 3-year coverage on select new 2019 and prior Sea-Doo models. The buyer of any eligible model will receive a 12 month BRP Limited Warranty plus a 2 year B.E.S.T. Coverage. Visit your local Sea-Doo dealer for complete details of the BRP limited warranty and BEST agreement.

The purchase of select 2018 and prior year models may receive up to a $750 rebate as part of the Pre-Season Sales Event. This offer is good as long as long as the select models are available. Also, receive $100 off of your purchase of $400 and more of Sea-Doo accessories and or riding gear. This offer does exclude the purchase of MOVE trailers, genuine parts, XPS oil and maintenance products. These are all great pre-season deals so score a deal while they’re happening.

The Pre-Season Sales Event ends March 31,019. You can also reserve your Sea-Doo now and take full advantage of the promotion just in case you don’t live near America’s Motor Sports. Simply fill out an online form and a local Sea-Doo dealer will contact you within 48 hours.

After you’ve scored your deal, get underway and “Laugh all the way to the sandbank.”

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