Case of The Humpdays: Josh Pray’s Hilarious “5 Things I Learned Jet Skiing With White People”

In today’s politically-charged world of hypersensitivity, emo-politics, hate speech, microaggressions and every other made up hoopla that didn’t mean a dang thing 20 years ago, it’s nice to sit back and enjoy some fresh, honest and hilarious comedy. Hopefully, the dregs of social media and biased newscasters hasn’t seared the humor out of you (as it has with so many others), but there used to be a time in this world where it was OK to laugh at ourselves and everybody else together. Everyone and everything was fair game and that’s what made comedy fresh, fun and frankly, a little dangerous.

Comedian Josh Pray is an absolute riot and has the chops to prove it. A graduate of Florida Memorial University in Miami FL, Pray jumped head first into the world of comedy, writing skits, routines and his own standup. Recently, a friend showed us his “5 Things I Learned Jet Skiing With White People” (although the title of the video was changed for YouTube), which is absolutely hilarious, unoffensive fun. Please take a minute, push play and enjoy a couple minutes of fun. We hope you’ll like Pray’s comedy as much as we did.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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