Case of The Mondays: Check Out These Cool “Cats” from CraigCat!


Looking to change it it up some in 2016? CraigCat has some rather unique crafts we think are worth a look. They have a series of small two-seater “catamarans”, that while only equipped with 25-30 horsepower engines, look like they would be quite fun.

The E2 Elite is the top-of-the-line, performance model of the fleet. It is also loaded down with popular features, such as a premium, user friendly sound system, a bimini top, four fishing rod holders, and much more. The E2 Elite is also available in special editions for a little extra coin. The special editions are essentially an E2 Elite with a different style to them (different color tops, seats, unique graphics, etc.).

The packages offered are the Tahitian, Key West, and Camo editions. The E2 Elite boats also come with an option of either a 25 horsepower Evinrude E-Tec engine or a 30 horsepower Evinrude E-Tec engine. Equipped with a 30 horsepower engine, they are capable of speeds of 30 miles per hour.


Aside from the E2 series, CraigCat also has two other models, one of which is the Catch-It. The Catch-It was, as the name implies, designed with anglers in mind. It has all the features and accessories needed to make your fishing trips as enjoyable as possible, such as excessive storage, removable kingpin fishing seat, and a 30 pound trolling motor. The Catch-It is also available in the special editions mentioned above.

CraigCat also offers electric models for those after quiet operation or protecting the environment. The base model, as you’d suspect, is the lowest priced product offered by CraigCat. It is a two-seater craft with minimal features. For just $100, you can upgrade to a four-seater model. The Maxx Electric is the high-end electric model from CraigCat. It has a more powerful propulsion system, an on-board charging system, deluxe seats, as well as more features. You can get the electric models in the special editions as well.

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