Quick Tech: Upgrading Your Sea-Doo Grips to 2016 Grips

c03665_d8b3801bac6f427cb98c0b6064d515c8Above: 2016 Sea-Doo grip (left) vs. 2013 Sea-Doo grip. (right)

When the 2016 models were released we were intrigued by the new innovative design of the “palm rest” handlebar grips. We ordered 6 pairs from our local dealer (click here to find your local Sea-Doo dealer) and within a few days they had arrived. Swapping the grips takes under one minute each side and can be done using a 10MM socket and wrench, and a slotted (blade) screwdriver.

When calling your local dealer to order your grips, provide the parts numbers #277001946 and #277001958 – each of which cost $17. Although all 2016 Sea-Doo models will be equipped with new handlebar grips from the factory, these new grips fit all 2002-through-2015 Sea-Doo models (including the Spark).

Above left: Here you can see side-by-side comparisons of the previous grips against the new palm rest 2016 grips. Above right: Our 2015 GTI 155 SE and 2013 RXP-X 260 served as our guinea pigs.

Top left: The screwdriver is used to remove the rubber end cap. Top middle: The 10mm socket loosens the nut holding the grip in place. Top right: With both removed, the grip slides off. Bottom left: The 2016 grip mounts identically as the previous grip. Bottom middle: Re-tighten your bolt. Bottom right: The change takes literally minutes.

The new design prevents wrist over-extension, improves overall grip and reduces fatigue, with the flared surface acting as a palm rest for a better ergonomic fit for the hand adding comfort during extended riding.

Here you’ll see the few steps needed to exchange your pre-2016 factory Sea-Doo hand grips with the new ergonomically-designed palm rest grips. As stated earlier, it only takes a couple of minutes to make the change.

c03665_d8b3801bac6f427cb98c0b6064d515c8 c03665_f87355fae2ca4754a6252ef7c3b2b9ea c03665_6d1667152bbb4b538849052d84567290 c03665_1c2f719329aa49a1bd1699880fa41042 c03665_d8af7f68bdc348f48152a4123787b612 c03665_21d11ba708564d0c8967dd5d27a92fdb c03665_698aefdf31bb44ed9455d20ea464c98a c03665_0676cb4aec724f058260600217e9d8ea c03665_7723115ee55545049df1e8f3453e6d04

The original article “Upgrade your Grips – 2016 Model!” was first published by TorontoPWC.com January 24th, 2016 and can be read in its originality HERE.

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    Jimmy Koebbe 28 December, 2016 at 13:29 Reply

    Thank you for the information. I was about to order the standard grip (the tight cover rip’s the ends off) when I came across your web page…. I want to 2016 grips?

    Thanks again


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