Real Review: Jettribe Gator Lycra Socks


Last month, we reviewed Jettribe’s GRB 2.0 Race Boots, and noted that, as Jettribe themselves advertise, that their boots run a half of a size too big on purpose, almost insisting that riders purchase their Gator Lycra socks to wear with these boots. We even went so far as to state that the two ought to come as a pair, as neither the boots should be worn without the Gator Lycra socks, nor the socks without the boots (for obvious reasons).

Now, Jettribe’s socks work well with an assortment of different riding boots, but as both Slippery and Jetpilot boots come with removable neoprene socks as part of the boot purchase, they aren’t as necessary as they are with the Jettribe boots.

Yet, it’s worth noting that the Gator Lycra socks – much more than the traditional neoprene sock – wields several key attributes that elevate them above and beyond the aforementioned neoprene: first, with them on the Jettribe boots are immediately some of the most comfortable boots we’ve ever worn; next, the neoprene boots are cut extra high and feature a fold-down dual-layer to keep out rocks and gravel; and lastly, they’re not made from neoprene but “airprene” – an advanced form of neoprene (U.S. Patent #4832010) that is a unique perforated fabric that “removes perspiration – letting the skin ‘breathe’ – during strenuous exercise.” As moisture leaves, body heat stays in, “keeping muscles, tendons, and ligaments loose and supple,” as Jettribe describes.

Now, priced at $32.99, the Gator Lycra Socks are not cheap by any means. At nearly a third of the cost of the GRB 2.0 Race Boots, making the combined package over $140. For some, that can be a pretty pricey pair of boots and socks just for riding your jet ski around the lake. But, when weighed against all of the comfort, ease of use, and other benefits, the value begins to rise. We frankly enjoy the combo, but wish Jettribe offered a “mid-rise” or even an above-ankle Lycra sock in addition to finding a way to dial back the retail price a bit.

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Kevin Shaw

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