Thrust Innovations’ Yamaha Hatch Lid Lock

Sometimes it’s not about the “bling,” but if there’s some extra “bling” thrown into making your machine more reliable or perform better, then nobody is gonna complain. Not only has CNC’ed aluminum (ie. “billet”) become the norm of today’s top-of-the-line performance aftermarket parts manufacturers – thanks to its durability, lightweight, use of machining and superior finish – but it’s also become a favorite of those looking to customize the look of their prized possessions.

Thrust Innovations, LLC announced the new knob on its Instagram page, stating, “Here is a product we just released [and] thought it is possible you might have some interest as well. It is for Yamaha model watercraft with turn knob for [the] glove box, which is very common failure the metal bar breaks the plastic knob and won’t stay shut. Retail will be $40.”

Thrust Innovations, who excels at both of these, recently unveiled their billet aluminum Hatch Lid Lock for Yamaha WaveRunners. The new aluminum lid lock directly replaces the molded plastic piece stock to the Yamaha runabouts. The adjustable lock is made with threaded stainless so it won’t corrode while the rest of the lock is cut from aircraft-grade aluminum, replete with the iconic Thrust Innovations logo. Replacing your Yamaha hatch lock takes less than a minute and the Thrust piece can be removed and/or replaced as easily.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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