Check out Capria’s Clever Solution to Subpar Shorelines

Whether you own shorefront property, a marina, or even a dock, finding the proper space to store and launch your personal watercraft can be a challenge. Steep shorelines, sea walls, or space limits can restrict a PWC owner’s ability to easily launch his or her craft out onto the body of water. That’s not just a capacity limit… it’s a fun reduction!

Luckily, Capria S.A.’s PWC launcher offers a nifty solution to this struggle. Their state-of-the-art launching system allows you to easily move your PWC from on-land storage to the water. All you have to do is place your PWC in a cradle system, which then can be used to lower it into the water or raise it into storage in as little as five to fifteen seconds! The launcher allows for maximal flexibility as well, with angles ranging between 20° and 90° and a maximum distance of 100 feet, making it extra useful in areas with significant tide fluctuations.

With over 50 years of experience manufacturing precision heavy machinery, and more than 20 years working with marina systems, Capria offers a secure and reliable solution to your PWC launching needs. See the full press release below:

Many marina owners know they can generate a modest income stream through daily personal watercraft (PWC) launch fees. More are discovering the real money is in drystack storage.

An all-electric PWC Launcher from CAPRIA S.A. is easy to add to any small, unused portion of waterfront—whether it’s a steep embankment, concrete seawall or second-story structure. The opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and owner revenue is now in place.

Perfect for incorporating into a new or existing drystack operation, CAPRIA PWC Launchers are CE-marked and built to ISO 9001 standards. They’re manufactured to accommodate virtually any location. Vertical travel can reach up to 100′ with angles between 20° and 90°. This makes the machinery especially practical for marinas with extreme tidal fluctuations.

Operationally, it’s no different from a standard drystack business. Owners contact the marina to book a pickup time. PWCs up to 1,500 lbs. are loaded onto the PWC Launchers using a CAPRIA semi-automated Stacker Crane or forklift. Then, it’s a mere five to 15 seconds until it’s in the water.

CAPRIA S.A. has manufactured precision heavy machinery for over 50 years, including marine systems for over 20 years. With low-cost drystack installations around the world, it has a proven record of solidly improving profits for its customers.

Contact CAPRIA S.A., Haendel 32, Centro Industrial Garin, CP 1619 Garin, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Phone: +54 3327 414470;;

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