Clearing The Air on the 2022 Yamaha GP1800R SVHO & HO


For model year 2022, Yamaha did more than any of us were expecting! Truth be told a lot of us within the PWC community did not expected Yamaha to perform any changes at all besides colors and graphics for their entire product line. However, Yamaha proved us all wrong with major changes to the flagship FX lineup as well as introducing the new Freestyle-segment and Jet Blaster! Unfortunately, there were a couple miscommunications that might’ve muddied up that message.

Given that the 2021 Yamaha GP1800R models (as well as the VX line) just had a top-half redesign, we understand why Yamaha only gave us colors and graphics for the 2022 model year. For last year’s the 2021 redesign, Yamaha re-engineered its GP1800R musclecraft by focusing on four key characteristics: improving rider ergonomics, weight distribution, acceleration and cornering. For more information about last year’s redesign, click to see the attached article and video.

This is to reiterate that Yamaha did not perform any change to the GP platform for 2022 model year other than mixing up the coloring. This may come as a bit of a surprise as the Yamaha Motor Corp. itself issued a video depicting the GP1800R SVHO and HO with the caption and narration saying, “proprietary SMC fiberglass hulls” – confusing those who were shocked by the reveal. Again, the answer is no, the GP1800R SVHO and HO continue with NanoXcel2 hulls and decks.

Only the entirety of the FX lineup received a change to its hull, being a switch from NanoXcel and NanoXcel2 to traditional SMC fiberglass. Equally, all FX models received a racy redesigned ride plate that raises the bow for a drier, more predictable ride, and moved the sponsons forward 50mm (2-inches) for better engagement in corners and less drag; all great improvements to the brand’s flagship line of WaveRunners.

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Julian Ramirez

Julian Ramirez is an avid PWC enthusiast. He grew up in the desert of west Texas riding dirt bikes from his youth and old school VW sand rails. Until one day during A family camping trip. Julian convinces his dad that they should get a pair of JetSki‘s just to have fun with. After those first JetSki‘s it was over for Julian, he fell in love with the watercraft industry and the camaraderie and support that the community brings.

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