Don’t Miss Out on Sea-Doo’s August Yellow Tag Event Sale


While August isn’t even half way over, we’re already gearing up for the end of summer. Why would we want summer to stop, you might ask? Not because we’re over the sunny days on the water and spending our days in shorts and our favorite pair of flipflops, that’s for sure! No, what the end of summer means is the introduction of next year’s fresh batch of personal watercraft models. And this year is going to be a duesy – particularly with Sea-Doo introducing the much-anticipated 300-plus-horsepower X-series runabouts.

Wait, what? You haven’t heard about any 315-horsepower (estimated) Sea-Doos? That’s OK, The Watercraft Journal totally scooped the rest of the civilized world on that one way back in March. But, that’s not to take away from the awesome models that BRP are cranking out right now! Y’know because Sea-Doo continues to lead the market with more PWC sold than any other brand. Well, Sea-Doo is really gearing up to clear the way for next year’s models by launching their Yellow Tag Event sale. From August 1, to August 31, Sea-Doo is offering a 2-year extended warranty on new and unused 2015 (and prior) Sea-Doo Sparks!

Yes, you read that right. “The buyer of an eligible model will receive a 12-month BRP Limited Warranty,” states Sea-Doo’s announcement. “Plus a 12-month B.E.S.T. extended service contract subject to a $50 deductible on each repair. Exception for Florida residents who will receive the 24-month BRP Limited Warranty.” This is paired with an awesome $250 savings on select new and unused 2015 models (and prior) Sparks as well. (Obviously, the rebate amount depends on the model purchased and while quantities last.) But we’ve got some bad news for our international friends: this offer is only valid in the good ol’ USA.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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