DTV Shredder Goes Freeriding With Travis Pastrana, Mark Gomez & Zack Bright (Gallery)


Last month, The Watercraft Journal introduced many of you to the wonders of the DTV Shredder, possibly the coolest non-PWC to have graced our digital pages. The DTV Shredder (Dual Tracked Vehicle) is very similar to a traditional standup jet ski with its fixed handlebars but the steering is imputed through a mechanically-articulated board similar to a skateboard or surfboard. Only the acceleration is imputed through a traditional throttle and brake.

Already gaining interest and popularity as yet another grassroots invention of an entrepreneurial inventor, the DTV Shredder recently caught the eye of Nitro Circus’ Travis Pastrana who really wanted to see how the Shredder worked. Welcoming the Shredder crew and few hand-selected motocross and jet ski freeriders to “Pastranaland,” this group of athletes put the machine through the paces.


Of course, as freeriders are wont to do, globe trotter Zack Bright was first to successfully execute a full backflip and land on terra firma with the DTV Shredder. The exploits of these daring doers will likely air on an upcoming episode of “Nitro Circus” – but for now, enjoy some awesome spoiler shots and this note published on the DTV Shredder Facebook page:

Good Morning Shredder Family,

As we move closer to launching in the US through a large distribution chain (We can’t release this information yet, but we are moving towards a launch) we have some exciting news to share with everybody.

Last week we did a 5 day long Shredder shoot with Nitro Circus at Travis Pastrana’s personal playground, Pastranaland. We had 3 of the worlds top freestyle jet skiers Zack Bright, Mark Gomez and Ryan Solomon put the Shredders through it’s paces from right out of the box to racing on Pastrana’s track. We chose to work with Jetski riders because of the similarities in riding style. A standup ski is the closest comparison to riding a Shredder and these guys took to the Shredders like Ducks to Water. After a week of riding, the Shredders are Nitro Circus Approved and ready to be beat on.

We also brought down a souped up version of the Shredder to see what tricks might be possible. We started off in the foam pit but quickly moved to mulch. The pictures speak for themselves, you can do almost any jetski, MotoCross or board tricks on the Shredder and they’re capable of flying through the air.

The bar has now been set and we can’t wait to see what other athletes are able to create.

We’ll be releasing the official video from the event over the coming weeks so stay tuned for the launch.


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