Gallery: All 11 Candidates For Miss Thrust Innovations 2015

With the Daytona Freeride behind us, freeride and freestyle companies are now officially running at full speed finalizing their latest products before the new season hits. By now, many have already got their lightweight surf jumping skis built and close to dialed-in, so what’s left? Why the annual Miss Thrust Innovations contest, of course!

The team at Thrust have gathered together a near-dozen ladies (posing with some superbly awesome freeride and freestyle skis from some of the industry’s best hull designers and manufacturers including Rickter, Revolver, and Superfreak) in their finest bathing suits showing off their…lovely smiles!


The contest to see who will be crowned “Miss Thrust Innovations” begins now on Thrust’s official Facebook page (click HERE), where you can scroll the 11 pictures and “Like” the one you want to win. You have only 5 more days to vote before a winner is announced on January 25th. Here’s the official announcement:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Here’s what everyone’s been waiting for: it’s time to vote for Miss Thrust Innovations 2015, here’s how:

“Below are the 11 candidates, ‘Like’ whichever girl’s photo you’d like to vote for. Voting will go for two weeks and on Monday evening, January the 25th, we will crown a winner. Remember only ‘Likes’ to the photo count!

“Good luck to all our lovely ladies!”

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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