Gallery: Easy SeaDek Install For a Triton Trailer Walking Plank

I recently purchased a second Sea-Doo and needed a dual trailer to transport our skis to and from the water. I personally am a huge fan of the aluminum trailers seeing that we are mainly riding in brackish and salt water in and around the Atlantic Ocean.

I have owned a few Triton single trailers and year after year they still look like new and tow amazingly. So going with a a dual-bunk Triton Elite trailer with the torsion axle was a no-brainer. These trailers come with an aluminum center walking plank, which is welded to the center cross beam making accessing your PWC easy. But we all know when aluminum gets wet, it’s slippery.

With that said, Jerry and Greg Gaddis of and I were discussing how we should look into using SeaDek matting on the center plank for traction. I measured the center plank on our trailer and sent the measurements to Jerry and BAM! SeaDek did not disappoint! Made from CNC-cut PSA material, the pad is double-sided with an easy-to-apply peel-and-stick adhesive making for a smooth application.

First your going to need a good cleaning solution. I used CLR while wearing gloves for skin protection and wiped the surface clean using clean paper towels. Then, taking dry clean paper towels, I dried it off entirely and let sit for ten minutes. Then I took the heat gun as shown and began to heat the surface. Today was a humid 62 degree day and I just wanted to make sure the adhesive had a good surface to adhere too.

I peeled back about two feet of the paper backing and began to put the traction mat down. As I placed the mat down, I pushed hard against it, pressing out any air bubbles taking my time, because once its down, its down. As I moved down the plank I heated and pressed until I peeled off all the backing and placed it down in its entirety! I was very happy with the end result; whether wearing shoes or barefoot the SeaDek is grippy wet or dry.

I can not thank Jerry and Greg Gaddis of enough for ordering this in for me and for SeaDek for providing a quality product! You can not go wrong with this safety measure that looks cool too!

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