Turkish Boat Builder Navarac Reveals Volster Electric Boat

Navarac is a start-up company out of Turkey that has been in the boat building business since 2018. The team designed the Volster to be a fully electric powered cruiser, which is made for comfort during those long days on the open water. The boats are built in a sustainable manner and are environmentally friendly, powered by a 6kW electric motor.

The 16-foot vessels are sleek with long drawn-out lines creating a fluid appearance. The high sides make for a deep interior with a large amount space for passengers. The Volster is a stylish vessel and comes with the brand’s signature electric lighting. Its hydrodynamic design with its reduced resistance hull enables it to move through waves with ease. The 6kW electric motor make the boat extremely efficient and with zero emissions.

Cruise economically in the Volster using only 12 kWh of electricity every 10 miles with four passengers. You can increase the 10-mile range by adding optional solar panels to the Volster. The all electric Volster also allows you to cruise in silence. The boat is equipped with high efficiency power electronics and Navarac’s signature lighting. An onboard computer allows to view all the important elements of your travel, like how much energy is remaining.

You can also see the status of your solar power and more from the cruise computer. Cruise at 3 knots using only solar energy while your battery rests. The Navarac brand seeks to create the most efficient electric boats on the market. Check out the all new Navarac Volster Electric Boat and other vessels in the Navarac line on the website.

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