Gallery: Jet X Powersports Gets Go-Ahead To Build Ultimate GP1800R

For Andrew Hinchey, it was all about speed. The Kingston, Ontario, Canada native was in the market for a new runabout but his goals were set pretty high. In a special interview with The Watercraft Journal, Andrew explained, “The build started when the previous owner of [my Sea-Doo RXP-X] 300 started bashing the looks and handling characteristics of the ski. I told him I was going to build a superior ski to the Sea-Doo and that’s when he recommended Jet X Powersports. He told me that if you’re going to have anyone modify that GP, that I should take it to Ryan Dalli.”

The Sea-Doo in question had a couple of RIVA bolt-ons including a power filter, free flow exhaust, Solas prop, catch can and SCOM (Speed Control Override Module). “I even had Ryan add a Stage 2 RIVA tune,” he adds. “I ordered a brand new, completely stock [2017 Yamaha GP1800]. When we tested the stock GP next to the modified [RXP-X] 300, the GP was still the better ski. Well, it felt better for me. It sits high in the water and the steering was extremely responsive compared to the 300.” Having seen the limited-production RIVA Edition GP1800R available through RIVA Racing, Andrew knew that it was exactly what he wanted from Jet X.

“I asked Ryan to build me the fastest, most reliable ski he could. Ryan hesitated as he wanted to build me a 80mph ski. He explained that anything over 80mph is very dangerous for someone “like me” (a joy rider). I reassured him I was responsible and as with everything high-powered that I’ve owned or driven, I will respect the beast.” Somewhat assured, Dalli and the Jet X team went about assembling a slightly modified version of the aforementioned RIVA Edition GP1800R. Dalli explained it was fitted with a RIVA steering system, Power Filter, cooling upgrades, and “a really nice” intercooler. He wrote, “The rear exhaust and water box makes this machine sound incredible!” Valve spring retainers were added as he knew this ski was going to reach high revs.

Handling upgrades included all RIVA equipment: intake grate, ride plate and impeller, as well as RIVA Racing Pro Series sponsons. Dalli wrote, “We needed the ability to turn this weapon.”As the ski was coming together, Andrew had a custom wrap made for this ski as Jet X had the seat rewrapped by Hydro-Turf and added a few gauges with custom-made carbon fiber bezels from scratch. Dalli concluded, “We were really amazed how fast and beautiful this ski turned out! 85mph @ 8600rpm!” Once complete, the lanyard was handed back to Andrew and he’s been loving it ever since. “The GP hasn’t skipped a beat [and] runs just as strong as the day I got it from Jet X. Everywhere I go people are wowed. The graphics scream ‘look at me!’ and the sound reminds people that it’s modified.”

Admittedly a “fair weather rider,” Andrew prefers flat, glassy conditions over jumping waves. “I enjoy arm wrenching speeds going down Lake Ontario onto the St. Lawrence and see the expressions of others when they see this beauty. The sounds reminds me of a street bike. It’s perfect, not too loud but just enough to remind you the ski is very alive.” While this build began with a “oh yeah?” comparison/argument between friends, the final result is a monster machine that Andrew happily will admit is the clear winner between the two.

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