Video: Group Of Men Use Their Sea-Doos To Rescue People During Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey was one for the record books. Like every hurricane in the past, it started as a blip on a map and grew from there. Eventually, Harvey grew to a Category 4 hurricane before slamming into the Texas coast on August 26th. When Harvey hit Texas, he hit it good. In a four day period, many areas received more than 40 inches (100 cm) of rain as it sat above eastern Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. With peak accumulations of 51.88 inches (131.8 cm), it caused catastrophic wide spread flooding.

The Houston area was one of the hardest hit areas. From the get-go, multiple flash flood emergencies were issued in the Houston area by the National Weather Service. The sheer amount of rain caused by Harvey made the month of August the wettest ever recorded in Houston since record keeping began in 1892, more than doubling the previous record.

Due to the high volume of rain, water in the Houston area quickly rose and flooded everything it could. Anywhere water could go, it did. Hundreds of thousands of homes found themselves quickly under water with water levels easily flooding the entire first story of many. Interstates, overpasses, city streets, parks and everything else became rivers of water, destroying everything in the path.

With how quickly the water came in and rose, many residents found themselves trapped with waters continuing to rise. Boats of all shapes and sizes were used to rescue stranded residents. A small group of men with their Sea-Doo jet skis came to the rescue as well; helping get stranded people out of their homes in one neighborhood. In the video you’ll see below, these heroes save a family from rising flood waters that are knocking at their front door. They load up people a few at a time, making trips shuttling them to a waiting truck to bring them and their suitcases to dry ground.

Well Done Guys!!!

Another Act of Kindness in the Houston Floods

Posted by Everything Watercraft on Sunday, September 3, 2017

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