Gear Junkie Names Sea-Doo Explore Pro Adventure Vehicle of the Year

The 2023 Sea-Doo Explorer Pro 170 is coming in hot after the Sea-Doo Switch was named Boat of the Year by Boating Magazine. Gear Junkie usually sticks to overland vehicles when determining their annual best adventure vehicles. This year they got their hands on a Sea-Doo Explorer Pro, their first test of an “overwatering” adventure machine.

“Overwatering” might not be an official phrase yet, like overlanding, but the idea of getting away from civilization is familiar to most adventurists.

Now, there’s a watercraft built for multi-day excursions, straight from the factory, that goes where boats can’t go. The Explorer Pro 170 is for the serious adventurer who wants to go the distance and beyond.

It can haul a huge amount of gear with all its storage and specialized compartments. The Gear Junkie crew tested it in heavy water and also took it on multi-day excursions to see what it could do. They were impressed with the amount of storage and its surprisingly good fuel efficiency.

They were impressed with the seat, which made for a nice ride when heading out on a 2-day, 150-mile trip from Fernandina Beach to St. Augustine and back. They left the dock with a lot of gear and full tanks of fuel. Everything was secure onboard with the LinQ system.

The windshield was nice for cutting the early morning chill and minimizing noise from the wind. A drawback of the windshield was that it’s almost impossible to see through when covered in saltwater spray.

Check out their review for more in-depth details about the Gear Junkie experience on the 2023 Sea-Doo Explorer Pro 170.

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