Greenhulk Now Offers Haltech ECU Kit for Yamaha WaveRunners

Haltech Yamaha ECU

There’s a lot of talk about horsepower these days (oh, who are we fooling? We’ve been talking about horsepower since we first domesticated the horse). With so much chatter coming about a new Sea-Doo engine producing over 300 horsepower, the Yamaha guys are starting to get anxious. With the new crop of WaveRunners released, many are wondering what is needed to keep their Yamaha ahead of the Doos.

The industry’s biggest forum announced late last week that their online store is now stocking the all-new stand alone ignition system for the Yamaha WaveRunners from Haltech. Designed for all Yamahas running the 1.8L naturally aspirated and supercharged engines (HO, SHO and SVHO). With the Haltech tuner, supercharged Yamaha 1.8L engines can go 70mph with a RPM limit of 7700RPM.

By simply raising the rev limiter, the Haltech is able to increase maximum speed, as well as the boost pressure, which subsequently encounters the following common RPM limits:

8250RPM – 75-76mph
8550RPM – 77-78mph
8650RPM – 80-82mph
8850RPM – 82-83mph

Haltech’s own press release provides the following steps necessary to not only achieve these top speeds but maintain engine longevity: “When revving this engine above 8500RPM it is recommended to fit a higher grade valve spring and retainer kit. The engine uses a returnless constant pressure referenced fuel system. The fuel system will require upgrading when trying to achieve around 77 mph+”

Features specific to the Haltech include Direct Fire Ignition, Sequential Injection, Electronic Throttle Control, Knock Control, Idle Control, Kill Switch, and an O2 control (When used with a Wideband O2 sensor kit). Of course, this direct ECU replacement is suitable for all Waverunners with the 1.8L 4 cylinder engine including all FX, FZ and VXR/S units sold between 2008 – 2015.

“Real world testing with the Elite 1500 kit on a 2015 stock PWC has seen the maximum speed at 68.8mph. By fitting the Elite on the base map the ski went 78.8mph, and then with tuning went 82mph.”

Of course, PWC Performance also carries all of the secondary performance parts – such as larger fuel injectors, return lines, and supercharger services – to not only help you push your WaveRunner to 80 miles per hour and beyond.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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