Hockey Star’s Live Videos from his Sea-Doo Go Viral

Alex Killorn is a professional hockey player for the Tampa Bay Lightning. His live videos from his Sea-Doo GTR have catapulted him into the Instagram breakout influencer of the year. After hockey season was suspended, Killorn turned to the Bay for what he thought would simply be a one-off video where he would answer fan questions and joked with teammates then the internet did its thing and went viral.

He is now three deeps into episodes in, “Dock Talk with Killer.” It is not only a hit within the hockey and sports industry; it has captured national media attention. Alex motors his Sea-Doo GTR around Tampa and meets with his teammates and other area athletes, where he asks the athletes a variety of questions while they’re at home. After joking about being an influencer, Killorn has influenced three friends into purchasing their own Sea-Doo watercrafts and has convinced them to join in the fun. Cool stuff!

Not only is Killorn having a good time; he’s turned his “Dock Talk with Killer” into a money-making venture. He is using his video platform as a way to raise money for a good cause. He sells “Dock Talk” T-shirts with 100% of the profits going to the Hillsborough Education Foundation for kids who have been affected by Covid-19

Killorn seems like a cool cat who is using his Sea-Doo and his professional hockey player status to do good for the community. Support his cause by checking out his Dock Tail videos linked to his Instagram.

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