IJSBA Implements new Repair Rules for Stock Runabout Watercraft

IJSBA enacts temporary repair provisions for Runabout Stock Class Racing. This comes after IJSBA was notified over the last several months of known regular failures of specific equipment in Runabout Stock Class Racing. Sudden engine failures are a major safety concern on the racecourse because competitors have planned lines while anticipating other PWC will continue moving at expected speeds and paths. It’s a real problem when race conditions interfere with this condition so IJSBA is empowered to allow modifications pursuant to Rule 1.1.

RAS 1.1. reads, in part: “The IJSBA may allow additional modifications to Stock Classified PWC which provide for replacement/reinforcements to parts and components (i.e. intercooler end caps, brackets, fittings, etc.) that have known failure risks in race conditions. that have known failure risks in race conditions. Such changes will only be allowed if the replacements/modifications result in no volume or performance gains.”  IJSBA is aware that there are disproportionate failures, in race conditions, of some components of contemporary Runabout.  These failures are within the flame arrestor system and the wiring harness system.

Some OEM flame arrestor systems contain a mesh type within the intake manifolds. Flame arrestor ribbons have often come loose and fully dislodged, which causes immediate loss of performance or complete engine failure. This issue has been reported often enough that it warrants a temporary intervention.

The changes became effective July 18, 2019, meaning the IJSBA will allow internal or external reinforcement of mesh ribbon filters in the flame arrestor system. Operators may apply a gluing compound internally or insert a mechanical reinforcement such a screw either internally or externally.

OEM wiring harness systems have shown failures during intense racing conditions. These issues are especially notable at the connection points at the engine side of the harness. These failures can also cause sudden loss of performance or total engine failure. The wiring harnesses have gone bad enough times that they too have made the list for temporary intervention.

All of the issues noted above are effective immediately and will expire December 31, 2019. Race season that begin prior to December 31 and end after December 31, 2019 will be allowed to keep these provisions throughout the duration of their racing season. IJBSA may renew the provisions or codify them as permanent in the published rules.

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