Kspeed’s New Hood Strut Extends Front Storage Access

The new generation Kawasaki Ultra (2022+) platform has a lot of fan favorite features and options. Seems there has been one complaint that has been universal across all new owners; storage.

Not only does the new generation have a little less total storage than the previous, but the bow storage tends to be difficult to get in and out as the hood is limited on how far it can open… Until now.

Leave it to the guys at KSPEED to be the first on the market to address issues from the consumer. After months of research and development and then many hours of testing, KSPEED has just released the all new 2022+ Ultra Extended Opening Hood Strut.

This new hood strut will fit in the location of the stock strut with no additional modification. Simply remove the stock strut and replace it with the new KSPEED one. This will increase the opening gap by 4” permitting much easier access to your bow storage area.

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Chris Stone

Chris has always had a sense of adventure and ever since he rented his first PWC, has completely fallen in love with the sport. The owner and host of the Adventure State, Chris also has a newfound passion to help others learn more about the industry.

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