KSPEED Perfects The Kawasaki STX-160 Intake Grate

Ever since Kawasaki released the newest generation of their Ultra platform back in 2022, some people have felt neglected by the aftermarket industry in regards to modifications and accessories for their Kawasaki STX-160.

Did you forget about KSPEED? KSPEED has continued to create products and service their STX customers.

Take the KSPEED STX Intake Grate for instance. This intake grate has taken years of research and development, hours of testing and they hand fit each intake grate to a machine before it ships, just to make sure it will be a precise fit for their customer.

The team at KSPEED created this intake grate to get you to reach your full power and top speed quicker, gain improvement in traction and to keep you hooked up in rough water 3 times better. You will notice ultimate handling and speed performance regardless if you are a recreational rider, closed course race rider or offshore rider.

KSPEED has a handful of the STX Intake Grates available for shipping, so you better get yours before they sell out…. again.

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Chris Stone

Chris has always had a sense of adventure and ever since he rented his first PWC, has completely fallen in love with the sport. The owner and host of the Adventure State, Chris also has a newfound passion to help others learn more about the industry.

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