Now is The Time to Get Your Sea-Doo Supercharger Rebuilt at Greenhulk Garage

Prior to the 2016 reveal of Sea-Doo’s 300 ACE engine, most all supercharged Sea-Doo owners knew that their supercharger needed to be rebuilt every 2 years or every 100 hours (whichever came first). Unfortunately, with Sea-Doo’s insistence that the new supercharger was “maintenance free,” many believed that 1. all of the superchargers had this upgrade and 2. that it wasn’t just plain old marketing malarkey. It turns out, neither were true.

The current 230-horsepower superchargers are the same as the older 1503 model superchargers. That means YES! it’s still on the 2 years or 100 hours maintenance schedule and needs to be serviced like before. A quick scroll through Google Images will show that it isn’t pretty when the clutch washers fail, as they’ll send metal debris scattering into the engine, galling bearings and destroying the entire supercharger.

And what about the 300 ACE engines? While they have a much longer service life than the older superchargers, they can and will fail. Thankfully, Greenhulk Garage offers one-day turnaround maintenance for both types of superchargers, whether its a 185/215/255/260 1503 Rotax or the monster 300 ACE engine.

Per Greenhulk, “We have been rebuilding Sea-Doo superchargers for over a decade and have the most experience to ensure your supercharger is rebuilt correctly. We only use the genuine Sea-Doo supercharger rebuild kits, we won’t settle for less.” Click THIS LINK to arrange to have your Sea-Doo’s supercharger freshened up to get the most enjoyment from your PWC this summer.

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Kevin Shaw

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