Purchase Your PWC Oil Change Kits from Greenhulk & Save!

It’s that time of year when everyone is getting their jet skis prepped and ready for summer. Greenhulk Performance Parts has a good selection of oil change kits and other oil change related products to keep your personal watercraft maintained and operating smoothly.

The Hydro-Turf Oil Extractor makes it easy to change the oil on your 4-stroke PWC, sport boat, and other recreational vehicles. It holds 6 liters of fluid, and the container has a handle for easy transport.

Two XPS 4T 5W-40 Synthetic Blend Oil Change Kits are on offer. One of them is for the ROTAX 1500 CC or more engine and the other is for the ROTAX 900 ACE engine. Both include oil, filter, O-rings, and washer. They have everything you need to save time and money. Sea-Doo XPS 4T 5W-40 Synthetic Jet Pump Oil and regular XPS Jet Pump Oil are available as well.

Both come in 6-ounce sizes. If you only need to restock your oil, they have a warm weather synthetic blend for any BRP vehicle with a 4-stroke engine. Sea-Doo has a new 4-stroke summer grade recommended for all supercharged and non-supercharged engines.

For the Yamaha WaveRunner rider, a couple of Yamalube Watercraft Oil change kits are available. One kit is for 4-cylinder 1.8L only engines and the other is for non-1.8L engines. The kits include four and three quarts of oil respectively, Genuine Yamaha oil filter, and the necessary drain gasket.

Single quarts of Yamalube Watercraft 4-Stroke 10w40 oil for high performance watercraft engines are available too. Finally, if you need an oil filter wrench for you 2005 and later Kawasaki 4-stroke, Greenhulk has it. There is also a Yamaha WaveRunner oil filter wrench for HO/SHO/SVHO 1.8L engines. For the Sea-Doo owner, an oil filter cover separator tool is available for purchase.

And do not forget to use coupon code “greenhulk” at checkout to save 10% off of your purchase. Greenhulk Performance Parts reminds us that they cannot ship oil or liquids of any kind overseas.

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