PWC Rental Outlet Leaves Tourists Abandoned At Sea

Towards the end of July, five tourists that had just docked in Bermuda decided to rent some personal watercrafts and venture out into the water. According to The Royal Gazette, the tourists contacted KS Watersports and made arrangements to rent three personal watercraft and go out with a guide. After being out on the water for a little bit, the tourists say that the guide became very frustrated with them and as a result took the keys from their watercraft. Leaving them stranded in the open ocean.

Luckily, Dr. Joseph Froncioni happened to be out on his boat that day and see the stranded tourists. After talking with the stranded tourists and understanding the store he said, “They had been there for quite a while and asked for assistance, which we gave. We affixed three tow lines and proceeded towards Dockyard.” Dr. Froncioni said that the tourists were not panicking or stressing out, however they were concerned that they may miss their cruise ship.

This incident was reported to the Maritime Operations Centre which then contacted the KS Watersports rental company. Once the tourists had been towed in close to the shore, a boat was sent out to take the tourists to their cruise ship that was just about to leave. Dr Froncioni says that, “I was truly embarrassed that this could happen here in Bermuda.”

He says that he understands how a guide could become frustrated with a group but cannot understand how a guide could become so frustrated that he takes their keys and leaves them abandoned at sea. He hopes that the guide is dealt with accordingly. Thankfully the tourists were able to be rescued and return to their cruise ship in time before it left.

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Blake Ellestad

Blake Ellestad

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