Real Review: Sea-Doo RXT, RXT-X, GTX & WAKE Pro (2018) Cover

Dang, it’s been a while since we’ve done an installment of “Real Review.” It’s not that we haven’t had much to review (sheesh, the list is actually pretty substantial) it’s just that we’ve been too stinkin’ busy lately – y’know with producing new PWC content each and every day, all the videos and monthly episodes of “Long Haul” and such. So yeah, it’s been a frantic summer. And between that and trying to squeeze in some riding whenever we can, we’ve noticed that we’ve been needing to keep this year’s batch of loaner watercraft safe from the elements.

Thankfully, our 2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 came on loan with Sea-Doo’s RXT, RXT-X, GTX & WAKE Pro (2018) Cover. Priced at $249.99, the weather-resistant cover has proven itself invaluable. Made from heavy-duty UV-resistant solution-dyed polyester canvas, the cover is smartly lined with a soft inner liner to prevent scratches and scuffing. This was particularly handy while trailering our RXT-X to the different locations we’ve traveled to thus far. And when we’re not on the road, the cover provides great protection stored outside.

Much like the new ST3 platform, the cover that is tailored to fit it is equally as innovative. The cover features quite a few smartly integrated items that makes it a “must have” for anyone who has purchased one of Sea-Doo’s latest full-sized runabouts. A major problem with many aftermarket PWC covers is the lack of ventilation, particularly while trailering. Without a way for the fast-moving air passing over the covered ski and the air trapped inside to properly vent, the imbalance will cause the cover to flap violently, scuffing and damaging your ski’s surface. Thankfully, Sea-Doo’s cover features two patented air-release mesh ports to alleviate this while trailering.

Additionally, the cover is held on by soft plastic side hooks that snap on to the inside of the bond rail, securing the cover even when trailering at highway speeds. So straps, cinches or ties required. But that’s not all! Sea-Doo incorporated several zippered openings to access the built-in tie-downs; the major eyelit in the back, and the two pseudo-cleats found up front, on either side below the mirrors. Moreover, a large zippered flap allows you to access and even attach any of the LinQ accessories with the cover on! We particularly liked that the zipper dongle has a Velco strap, as well as the flap being able to Velco inside of the cover so not to whip open while driving.

Finally, the most unique feature to this cover is also its most practical: a full zipper circumventing the entire top deck allowing for easy access to the glove box, central storage bin and for refueling. The zipper even has a Velcro’ed flap to cover the zippers when closed. The top of the cover has two yellow patches indicating where the handle bars fit. Simply fit the cover over the handle bars, tug snug, and begin working the cover around (from front to rear) the bond line. It’s surprisingly easy once you do it a couple of times. Again, start at the top and work your way down.

While the cover comes standard on all GTX Limited models, most who purchase a ST3-based Sea-Doo will have to order one separately. Frankly, we think its a must-have, even if you plan to store your Sea-Doo inside the garage, the living room or next to your bed at night. Personally, we’d like some numbered arrows printed on the inside of the cover showing us the best way to fold it up tightly (it’s like trying to fold a fitted bed sheet). Either way, it’s a smart purchase and a worthy entry to Sea-Doo ever-expanding accessory catalog.

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