Video: Local Sea-Doo Group Save Family, Help Extinguish Boat Fire

Not everything goes along as planned, but thankfully there are people willing to risk their own lives to save others. Recently on Port Severn, Ontario, Canada, a group of Sea-Doo riders witnessed a family boat billowing black smoke. Upon approach they discovered a family onboard, who the group quickly rescued and placed on a nearby pontoon, returning to collect the family’s dog and personal belongings while others grabbed the anchor line and pulled the vessel back into deeper water away from nearby docks and homes.

Were that not enough, the group of jet skiers then turned around and made several highspeed passes to roost the blaze with their spray. They continued their effort until local fire rescue arrived on the scene some 45 minutes after first being called. In a phone conference with CTV News, the local marina owner explained the heroism of those on the Sea-Doos, as well as the potential danger the blaze could’ve caused to the local area. Please watch the video below:

On the “Cottagers of the Severn River Unite!” Facebook group page, member Rebecca Martin wrote:
“I would like to send a huge thank you to the “annoying” Sea-Doo gang for them risking their own lives to save others. Yes, they may be annoying at times and ride by your dock at 7am but they are all very nice people and would do anything to help someone in need.

“Today just above Big Chute a boat caught on fire. These guys did not even think twice and they were there as fast as they could. They saved their children and went back into the fire to rescue their dog and other personal items from the boat. The boat was drifting toward shore where a number of cottagers were leaving in anticipation of the shore becoming engulfed in flames – another wild fire potential. They hooked onto the boat and pulled it away from the shore, at significant personal risk to themselves. No one else contributed to what was sure to become a major incident.

“The local fire department took over 45 minutes to respond. These annoying Sea-Doo’ers are actually Toronto area firefighters – good to know they were there. I am happy to say that everyone was out of the boat and safe. I just thought recognition was due to the Sea-Doo gang along the river.”

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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