Real Review: Spex Amphibian Eyewear

If you happened to catch The Watercraft Journal’s annual Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Jet Skiers guide (which, if you haven’t you really ought to. There’s some good stuff in there), you’ll had noticed the inclusion of these Spex Amphibian Eyewear goggles. We had been wearing them pretty regularly before the guide came out and have been using them on and off since then. Now, a few months into our testing process, we’re ready for a review.

There are a few companies offering products that manage to walk the line between sunglasses and goggles, and as such require us to evaluate them using both sets of parameters. As sunglasses how do they stack up? As goggles, do they meet our certain requirements? The Spex Amphibians perform an admirable balancing act all while being smack in the center of the price chart – with a listing of $59.95 – again, making them a well-balanced entry.

As we’ve said before, the Spex Amphibians are unlike any floating sunglasses we’ve seen before. Primarily because they’re not just sunglasses. Equally, they’re not just goggles either. But rather, a blend of the two that make for a unique all-around experience, that is comfortable, lightweight and entirely geared towards PWC. While there’s plenty of unique function, there’s some admirable form in these as well.

The Spex Amphibians feature interchangeable lenses that are fastened to a soft-molded frame – made from a proprietary material called “Floatron” – that is durable, lightweight, and buoyant. Additionally, the soft frame makes them incredibly comfortable. Even a soft neoprene strap keeps the Spex taught but not too tight to your face even if adjusted incorrectly. Everyone who we had try them parroted the same thought: Dang, these are comfortable.

The polarized lenses do not sit in the frames, but in front of them, leaving a thin gap between the two. This gap lets fast-moving air circulate through, keeping the lenses from fogging up or collecting moisture. Equally, it naturally dries them after a heavy splash. On warmer days, this natural ventilation is more than welcome. But when it’s pretty chilly out, you’re going to want something a little better sealed.

When evaluated as floating sunglasses, the Spex Amphibians meet the mark: lightweight, comfortable, polarized and won’t fly off your face at speed. As goggles, they score slightly less. The frames are comfortable for sure, but the soft rubberized material does feel a little weird compared to the breathable foam used by others. It’s a minor quibble but was shared by a few of our testers.

If you’re the kinda rider who keeps extra gear, tools and other needful things, definitely slip in a pair of Spex Amphibian Eyewear. Each pair come in a mesh sock for easy storage and protection. Even if they might not be your go-to’s for everyday riding, the Spex are a fantastic backup if the weather flips suddenly, or you’ve got a second rider who forgot a pair of sunglasses. Definitely a smart choice.

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