Reiterer Wins Ski GP1 against Rival Bossche

The longstanding rivalry between Victory Team’s Kevin Reiterer and Quintan Bossche continued in classic fashion with Reiterer securing the win at the last corner of the UIM-ABP Aquabike Grand Prix of Italy. Reiterer took the win during the third and deciding Moto in Ski GP1. The heavy race took place on Sunday June2cd in Italy and it was one for the books!

Reiterer and Bossche ended the day with a winner take all during Moto 3. They were tied for points with one win a piece. Moto 3 was the deciding factor. Reiterer stayed on Boscche from the start and came close to being out of contention when he made a mistake that left him 4 seconds behind Bossche. However, he redeemed himself by the end of lap 9 as he rounded the inside while Bossche got tangled up and ended in second. Reiterer took the checkered flag, the win, and the GP title.

Racer Yousef Al Abdulrazzaq grabbed his first title of the year with a 72 second victory in Runabout GP1. He absolutely dominated in Runabout, capturing his second win of the weekend. The wins put him back into the title race and he’s currently ranked 7th in the championship standings.

Sweden’s, Emma-Nellie Orendahl, continues her dominance as she leads the pack after an epic start of the year. She nailed another perfect score during the competition in Italy, putting more points between herself and those trailing behind her number one spot in in the championship standings. Once again, she stood out from the pack in Ski Ladies. She remains unbeaten in all competition on the UIM-ABP tour this season.

Check this UIM-ABP page for the complete list of results for the Aquabike Grand Prix of Italy.

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