Sam Nehme Congratulates Broward Motorsports Team For AquaX Win

Sam Nehme is the founder and owner of Broward Motorsports Racing. They have multiple dealership locations throughout the state of Florida and have also built a very successful racing team. Sam Nehme recently posted on Facebook saying, “I am very proud and honored to post that team Broward Motorsports has won the P1 AquaX World Championship which was held in the Bahamas as well as the 2019 Team of the year Award!”

Winning the P1 Aqua X World Championship is like winning the Superbowl or the World Series. It means that their success did not come over night. They started with their leader Sam Nehme who was able to build a championship caliber team and it has paid off. Nehme knew that if he wanted success, he was going to have to bring some big names onto his team. He did just that, with names such as Eric Francis, Chris MacClugage, Sophie Francis, Troy Synder, Dennis Mack and Chris Saxon. While many of you have heard of these names, they all had a tremendous season of racing and continued to produce consistence results through the whole season.

While you can argue the success that Broward Motorsports Racing had this year was due to their racing on the water, it could not have been done without the help of everyone involved. The people on land, setting everything up and making sure each event ran smoothly played a huge part in their success. A special shout out is much needed for everyone off the behind the scenes, Daniel Steele, Cody Tetreault, Rick MacClugage, Ken Waddle, David, Cabrera and Tim Judge. With the countless hours of work put in by these individuals, they truly did play a part in their teams’ success. This is also one of the many reasons their team won the 2019 Team of the Year Award.

While Broward Motorsports Racing was able to earn the most prized award in PWC racing, you better believe that they will be coming back stronger next year. Their team will take a little time off to enjoy some time with their families but will get back to training and racing soon! Watch out, now that they have been a champion, they are going to be looking for a repeat!

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Blake Ellestad

Blake Ellestad

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