Seven Deadly Questions With Jet Renu’s Nanette Moreno


The Watercraft Journal: So what’s new with you and the Jet Renu team for 2017?
Nanette Moreno: After long consideration I have made some beneficial changes for 2017. I have decided to separate Jet Renu – Div. of Renu Chem Inc. – from our athletic program by creating Team Jet Renu Inc., a non-profit organization.

image1WCJ: What will be the focus of this new non-profit division of Renu Chem?
NM: My main focus is promoting the product while endorsing our athletes. By doing so I’m hoping to bring more awareness and focus on our sport. My cause has always been about the riders, and nothing’s changed! These riders spend upward of thousands of dollars on gear, parts, accessories, vehicles and entries and they don’t get enough return on their investments.

There are single parents, grandparents with fixed incomes who can’t afford skis or gear, where some of these are discounted, donated or loaned by sponsors and fellow racers, even entries are still hard to come by. Team Jet Renu helps out where it can – if it can – keeping our kids in sports and out of trouble!

WCJ: How can athletes expect this program to be ran?
NM: I run my sponsorship program like a team sports league. If we are all team players, “we win the game.” With all of my years of coaching many different sports and being team mom, I’ve found that focusing on these athletes is beneficial to any sport and that’s what my purpose is within this sport.


WCJ: That sounds like a whole lot of work to carry on your shoulders! How do you think you’ll draw in the added help needed?
NM: Our sponsorship program is growing and I am overwhelmed, however with that said, I have a lot of work to do to make it successful. This year, I’d like to run “national raffles” on a larger scale. Prize giveaways would be other types of accessories that pertain to our type of industry, added to every vehicle cleaning regimen such as pressure washers, orbital buffers along with products to go with. I’m hoping it will be fun for all of the sports industries that we sponsor and beneficial to our program.

WCJ: Besides funds from these raffles, how else do you plan to financially support this effort?
NM: Jet Renu donates 15% of sales back to our sponsorship program along with what I donate personally. Renu Chem funds advertising/promotions and product giveaways which is thousands and thousands of dollars. So it made sense to incorporate Team Jet Renu Inc. non-profit. Where I can fund raise and run raffles outside of the sports, to my circle of businesses and bring more awareness to this sport and support our sponsorship program so it can bloom.


WCJ: Where do you see this program ending? What are your goals?
NM: I’d like to see Mark Gomez on a Wheaties box and the jet ski industry acknowledged like Supercross. I’m only one voice however. Each one of my 15 products help with that. Every time I run a new product ad and endorse a new rider, I bring awareness to other brands by cross branding and cross marketing, I feel we all benefit. It’s a win-win.

WCJ: How will this effect the future of Jet Renu as a brand? Will this change how the company operates?
NM: I have decided to allow the kids run the product sales side for Jet Renu as executive representatives of Renu Chem. Inc. Jet Renu was developed and created for the jet ski industry and it only seems right that it be sold by the people that make the sport what it is.

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