Shoreline Sea-Doo Develops Auxiliary Fuel Tank for ST3 Platform

We’re not going to mince words; a big push of Sea-Doo’s 2018 campaign is to encourage folks to go out and explore new riding spots and venture into unfamiliar waters. That’s a great message, but with a 15.9-gallon fuel tank and 300-horsepower on tap, it’s gonna be a short excursion. While The Watercraft Journal has pointedly noted that a larger fuel cell in definitely in the works, that’s simply too little, too late for people wanting to jump on the new ’18 models right now.

That’s where the guys at Shoreline Sea-Doo have stepped in. The Slacks Creek, Queensland, Australia-centered dealership have developed and released it’s really impressive C-shaped 9.2-gallon auxiliary fuel cell that fits comfortably in the bow, just forward of the centrally-located storage tub. Mounting brackets, screws and ratchet straps are included in the kit. And in case you were wondering, the factory fuel filler fills the extra tank first and the factory cell second.

The Watercraft Journal spoke with Shoreline Sea-Doo’s Jordi O’Keeffe who explained, “The tank is quite simple where the filler uses a T-junction to join it to the filler neck of the stock tank. Fueling is made easy, As the main tank tops up it will start filling up the auxiliary tank, to ease filling and stop airlock a return breather to the neck is added. You can fill it up to your desired amount up to 35 litres. From there it gravity feeds to the main tank as the fuel level comes down – venting is done through the stock tank.”

Each auxiliary fuel tank kit costs (at the moment) $1,770 AUD (about $1,310 USD) and comes with all of the mounting and plumbing hardware to make the installation. Jordi added, “We will see how demand goes for the system and look to use a different manufacturing technique to bring the price down.”

Here’s the original post (edited for syntax):
Who gets scared seeing that low fuel light come on? No need to worry! Shoreline Sea-Doo is proud to release our new “long range” fuel tank for the 2018-plus ST3’s. This 35-liter (9.2-gallons) front-mounted auxiliary cell is the perfect answer for those notoriously thirsty 300s.

Don’t end your ride day early, go further and maximize your hours of fun on the water – with confidence! A lot of man hours have been poured into developing and testing this puppy. Hassle free fill up and go!

Available for the following 2018 Australian models:
• GTX 155, 230 & 300
• Wake Pro 230
• RXT 230, 300

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