The Watercraft Journal By The Numbers: February 2017

Thus far, throughout the journey of The Watercraft Journal’s short 4-year existence, this publication has continually and steadily grown month after month, year after year. This latest edition of “By The Numbers” will show exactly that, and during yet another “off-season” winter month. Admittedly one of the most moderate February’s in recent record – allowing many to enjoy some unseasonably temperate riding weather – we continued to welcome a 28-percent overall growth in readership, something no other PWC publication can say.

Speaking of our competition, it’s worth mentioning some other key distinguishers between The Watercraft Journal and other media outlets that are vying for your advertising dollar. The first being the sheer quantity of dyed-in-the-wool readers who come to our publication each and every day. Last year, we welcomed over 346,000 individuals to our pages. This year will be 400,000-plus. Consider that for a second. Over 400,000 committed and engaged personal watercraft enthusiasts reading up on your company’s products and services. Sounds pretty attractive, right?

Secondly, we’re the single-most consistent publisher of PWC-focused content in the world. No other magazine, website, blog or social media thread produces more usable, informative and uniquely-created content on a daily basis than The Watercraft Journal. Nobody. They all try at some time or another, and they all fall short. Don’t believe it? You’re welcome to look it up yourself (because we check ’em all everyday). Other magazines have dramatically over-promised a video, stories and more only to fall disappointingly short.

Lastly, we know who are readers are. Whether they are championship-holding racers, skilled tuners, avid club members, tire kickers or those out there “shopping around”, we pride ourselves on delivering professionally-written editorial content that can be read, accessed and used as a reference at any time. That’s what we are, after all: a resource. Those who advertise with us find this to be true, help steer the conversation with informative facts, and pierce the fog of opinion with technical reviews and bankable data. Don’t let an Instagram feed dictate popular opinion; convert them with knowledge.

February 2017

February 2016

Growing, Growing and Continuing to Grow
Growth over a year is worth evaluating. While different news and different article topics might draw in various ilks of readership, there is a constant: upward momentum. If you can see our continued skyward trajectory, you’ll know that The Watercraft Journal has yet to stop growing. Our new readership percentages are growing despite having been around for a few years now. And we want you to notice how for being the height of winter for most of the Northern Hemisphere, we are continually outperforming our previous year’s Spring season – and that is reason to take note. On every level, The Watercraft Journal is welcoming more and more readers, and at an accelerated, exponential rate. No other magazine is growing as quickly as The Watercraft Journal and that’s just the beginning.

February 2016
Total number unique readers: 20, 624*
Total number of articles read: 45,465
Percentage of new readers: 62%

February 2017
Total number unique readers: 27,645*
Total number of articles read: 51,142
Percentage of new readers: 61%

*This number is considered equal to an individual sale of a single copy of a magazine.

Consistency Is The Name of The Game
The internet is a funny thing. When you prove yourself as steady as clockwork, people tend to return more often and regularly. As we  publish industry news, product reviews, ride reports and more – more regularly than anywhere else – we’ve learned that PWC enthusiasts have come to depend on new and interesting content every single day. And that means we’ve got a responsibility to deliver. Unlike anybody else, The Watercraft Journal maintains a strict publishing schedule of developing and publishing new and informative content about its advertisers and their products, as well as the industry and sport as a whole.

News articles published in January 2017: 28
Feature articles published in January 2017: 8
Total feature word count: 10,236 words

News articles published in February 2017: 27
Feature articles published in February 2017: 9
Total feature word count: 8,463 words*

*When this number is translated to print publication standards equals a 94-page magazine. Please note that this number does not include an average of two uniquely-written news articles published daily.

Putting WCJ In Front of More Eyes Than Ever Before
Many companies chose to use their social media accounts (be them personal or for business) as their sole outlet to accessing new and interested customers. Plain and simple, this is lunacy. Why? Because the people following said accounts already know who you are, and unless they are feverish return customers, you’re not getting the influx of fresh, new customers that a company needs to thrive. That’s why you need The Watercraft Journal. We are your bullhorn to the largest audience in the world. By offering our content freely and easily – whether it’s via a desktop, a laptop or a portable device, anyone can read our content. And with our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and weekly newsletters, we bring our content directly to them. And that’s a huge part of our success!

February Facebook likes: 20,748
Top Five countries: United States, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, Philippines

Impressive. Most Impressive
The personal watercraft industry is an intimate one. You want to get your brand and product out in front of as many would-be customers as possible, but how do you do it? You go to the one media outlet who welcomes over a third of a million annual readers. We’re looking to surpass every major forum in the way of readership and expand our reach well beyond that of our core industry, helping to introduce more companies to the world of personal watercraft for our readers. Again, we’re a resource. And to be one, you need to act like one. And now more than ever is the time to get your company and products on The Watercraft Journal. To inquire more about advertising with The Watercraft Journal, please email

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