Video: Exploring The Pungo Intercoastal Waterway, Virginia Beach, VA

It’s pretty humbling when within a day of its launch, The Watercraft Journal starts getting fan mail. In an email from John Tipton, he included a couple of really cool videos of rides he’s taken with a group of friends up and down the Intercoastal Waterway running alongside Virginia Beach, VA.

John wrote, “The ride started out in Chesapeake, Virginia at the Great Bridge Lock. We headed East on the Intercoastal Waterway 30 miles or so to Munden Point in southern Chesapeake, which is located just north of the North Carolina border. From there, we rode several small trail systems that break off the main Intercoastal Waterway.”

The group include John on his RXT-X 260, Mark Lewis on a RXT-215, Eric Petrone aboard another RXT-X 260, James Champman and his VX110 and Dan Merriam on a Yamaha FXHO. Together they regularly ride the waters from early April to late October each year. As John states, “It’s a great area for jetskiing and seeing the back bays of the Intercoastal, and it also gives you more than just a beach-side view.”

According to John, “Virginia Beach doesn’t have any real organized riding groups, but there are a lot of riders in the area. The riding areas mainly consist of the Chesapeake Bay and of course the Virginia Beach oceanfront.” The area featured in the video below is the Intercoastal Waterway located in the southern areas of Virginia Beach. It runs through the cites of Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia. Many riders that are not familiar with the area do not know about the ICW and all that it has to offer as far as riding areas. Its it some of the best flat water you will find and there are numerous routes off of the main channel to explore.”

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Kevin Shaw

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