Video: From Sea-Doo to Street Legal Motorcycle

A story reported in the Miami Herald tells us that a Florida man was filmed riding a modified Sea-Doo on a street in Jacksonville. A video of the ride was captured by Beth Porter who let News4Jax know about the strange machine she spotted cruising about 20 miles from the beach. The video depicts a man wearing a black helmet and a red backpack happily moving along on Normandy Boulevard. He was later identified as 23 year old Trey Yarbrough, who is a welder and fabricator.

Yarbrough told the Miami Herald that his hybrid ride took him a few weeks to build and it’s outfitted with a brake light, turn signals, and a headlight, which make it a legal street machine. His hybrid is a cross between a 1988 Sea-Doo and a 1989 Honda Elite scooter. He was headed to the gym the day that Porter filmed him.

Yarbrough is quoted as saying via Facebook message, “I built it just for the fun of it just to be different and get smiles. A lot of people don’t like motorcycle riders so I give them a reason to smile at it.”

The video has more than 72,000 views on Facebook. Yarbrough reached out to News4Jax to stake his claim to fame. He informed the station that the Department of Transportation approved the vehicle for use on state roads. Yarbrough told the Herald, “I’m just glad to be on the news for something positive if you [want to] call this positive.”

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