Video: Jammin’ on The New WaveRunners With Yamaha’s New Bluetooth Speaker Systems

A video posted on the Yamaha WaveRunner’s Facebook page features Mike Ricciardi introducing the new audio packages for the EX, VX, and FX series Yamaha WaveRunners. Ricciardi is Yamaha’s Planning Division Manager and he takes us on a guided tour through the specifics of Yamaha’s new audio systems for 2019. Yamaha audio packages come with integrated ram mount systems, making it easy to install and uninstall the Ecoxgear waterproof speakers. They simply pop on and off. The speakers are sold separately for all machines in the series, with the exception of the 2019 Yamaha Limited FX.

The Ecoxgear speakers float and are easy to Bluetooth connect so you can take your sounds with you by pairing with another device. The Ecoxgear speakers also connect well with each other using bluetooth technology. Pairing a couple of sets will provide excellent stereo sound while you’re motoring along or taking a lunch break on the shore. The speakers also have a button so the rider can connect with Siri or Google Voice. Wanna know where the closest marina is? Just ask.

This feature also allows you to answer phone calls. That’s a nice touch and according to reviews, the speakers sound big and bold. Have more fun while hanging out with your friends on the water while listening to some good tunes while tubing or just taking a nice ride. No worries about splashing and ruining the speakers since they’re waterproof.

The Ecoxgear speakers come standard as part of the Accessory Tech Package with the 2019 Yamaha FX Limited SVHO. The PWC comes with two of the larger Ecoxgear speakers and the ram mount attachment on a multi mount base that integrates with the brand new 2019 Yamaha FX series. Also standard on the Limited is a Garmin Fish Finder with transducer and beverage holder. Music and fishing, why not? Yamaha is really stepping it up for 2019.

The Ecoxgear speakers will be available for purchase from your nearest Yamaha dealer in November. They retail for $299.00 and give you the opportunity to customize your WaveRunner better than ever!

New Audio Packages Available for Yamaha WaveRunners

WE JAMMIN'…Now you can easily and affordably take your music with you on the water. Introducing Yamaha's new audio packages for its EX, VX and FX WaveRunners. Yamaha Product Planning Division Manager Mike Ricciardi walks you through the new audio packages, available later this year from your local Yamaha dealer.

Posted by Yamaha WaveRunners on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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