Video: Jet Tech’s Guide to Jet Ski Pontoon Maneuvering

If you’ve ever struggled with getting your PWC on and off a pontoon smoothly, you might have wondered what exactly you’re doing wrong. Smoothly executing the transition can require a level of finesse that can seem daunting to beginners, and doing it correctly isn’t just important for looking cool – it’s necessary for yours and your watercraft’s safety. That’s where Jet Tech’s guide to pontoon maneuvering comes in.

Before revving up your engine, consider a few key factors that could affect your strategy. Your weight and the model of the jet ski, as well as conditions such as the presence of currents or other watercraft nearby can all play a role in determining the effort and technique needed, so plan accordingly and take all necessary precautions before attempting this for the first time. 

As detailed in the video, there are a few important steps for putting your jet ski into the water. Firstly, ensure it starts smoothly and that the drain bung is securely in place. Start the jet ski while it’s still on the pontoon, then gently push it back towards the water’s edge, maintaining control without letting it plunge in fully. Once it’s in position, mount the jet ski and clip in, using your body weight to assist in thrusting it backward as you navigate off the pontoon.

As for getting back onto the pontoon, the most important thing is to take it slow. Approach the pontoon from the water, guiding the nose of the jet ski gently onto the platform. With a light acceleration, coax the jet ski onto the pontoon until it’s fully secured. Then power down the engine and prepare for your next adventure.

Mastering the art of getting on and off a pontoon with your jet ski is all about technique and safety. For a visual guide and a comprehensive walkthrough of the process, check out Jet Tech’s YouTube video. With their expert tips, you’ll be navigating pontoon life like a pro in no time.

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