Video: Mark Gomez Partners With GoPro To Produce Motosurf Video


In late January, I had a unique opportunity to I film a “UGC” (user generated content) piece Motosurf/Freeriding for GoPro. Under the direction of Edward Lacayo and with Brian Town on the edit at GoPro HQ, the quality of the content came out great.

I drove up to Half moon bay the other day to preview this film and meet up with my GoPro friends Eddie Lacayo, Brian Town, and the rest of the creative team at the office. I was blown away by how supportive everyone was and how genuinely stoked they all were about the production.

Like with all good things, if it goes really well, there is always room for growth and more productions down the road. Continued productions I have already been brainstorming and the team likes the ideas. This all being said, this is a huge opportunity to leverage this exposure into some great new opportunities with the right push from the people who support me the best in this email list including you.

Having GoPro posting this video directly on their YouTube feed is unreal cool. This video should hopefully drive positive attention to our sport, my sponsors, and the industry all together.

I have noticed that when these videos do well, GoPro has then made bigger social media pushes that multiply the exposure and outreach of the video. This is why I need everyone’s help to get this out there this week.

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Mark Gomez

A progressing 23-year-old professional Freerider, World Champion racer, and stuntman from Fullerton, CA., Mark has been riding stand up jet skis since he was 7. When he's not traveling the globe to participate against the world's best surf riders and racers, Mark can be seen performing stunts at Universal Studio's "Waterworld Stunt Show" and has even graced both the TV and movie screens as a stuntman.

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