Videos: The How And Why The Spark Came To Be

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It’s incredible to think that the Sea-Doo Spark will be two years old this Fall. First introduced publicly to the media and dealers in September of 2013, the Spark pulls heavily from the spirit of the early Sea-Doos produced from 1988 to 1993, explains Denys LaPointe, Spark’s Executive Vice President of Design and Innovation.

LaPointe is featured in the “Sparking a Dream” video discussing the creation of the Spark. Similar to those early craft, he says the Spark is not too fast but is light and playful, great for the recreational rider. And key to the launch of the Spark was to make an affordable machine that introduces the public to Sea-Doo’s line of watercraft.

LaPointe’s goal in bringing the Spark to life was to create a completely new design while adhering to the acronym, CAFÉ: Clean, Affordable, Fun, Easy. The machine is lightweight because of its Polytec composition; a high impact compound that is superior to basic plastic and can withstand a beating.

It is both fun and family friendly, available with Sea-Doo’s iBR on-water brake, which helps give the novice rider a sense of security. Sea-Doo offered convenience pack that includes a front bin kit for storage and rear step for easy boarding. There are plenty of graphic kits to choose from so the craft can be customized to your liking.

Moreover, the ski may be fitted for two or three passengers and is capable of recreational pulling. A buyer also has a choice of engine tunes from its Rotax 900 ACE 3-cylinder 4-stroke; the first being 60HP, the most fuel-efficient, burning 7.3 liters of fuel per hour or the 90HP option, offering the driver better acceleration, greater top speed, and uses 9 liters of fuel per hour.

LaPointe points out that he wanted to get back to the roots of personal watercraft and that meant bringing back a raw experience, happiness, and a lightweight easy to use machine.

The Spark appeals to a wide demographic with its cool features, yet it remains affordable and easy to maintain. The personal watercraft is a reliable stable boat that is not only easy to ride, but easy to tow. The Sea Doo Spark is being billed as the new watercraft for a new generation.

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