Video: Oops! Tom Aiken Skids ’95 Wave Raider Into a Parking Lot

If you’ve ever had the desire to emulate Mark Gomez, Australia is not the place. Tom Aiken lost his jet ski license after a video of him went viral. The Daily Telegraph reported that the clip showed Aiken riding a vintage 1995 Yamaha Wave Raider out of a river and into a parking lot in Sydney.

Aiken, who rides professionally is also an apprentice marine mechanic. He was riding a Yamaha in the Port Hacking River in Grays Point and decided to ride up a boat ramp and pulled off a high speed skid into the parking lot.
After the police saw the video of Aiken’s wild ride, they began an investigation into the incident.

Aiken turned himself in and told officers,“I’m not going to deny it was me.” I didn’t know it was being filmed and I didn’t know it had been posted on social media until I woke up the next day.”

Sutherland Court magistrate Jayeann Carney convicted him of recklessly operating a jet ski, driving an unregistered craft, and driving without a license. Unfortunately for Aiken, his license expired a week prior to the event. A license is required to operate a PWC in Australian waters.

Aiken was fined $1,950 and lost his PWC license for three months as another consequence of his actions.
Aiken believes he was doing about 20 miles an hour when he hit the concrete lot. He rode about a 150 feet before the ski came to a stop and he said he didn’t mean to slide into the parking lot.

We’re sure this isn’t the welcome home Tom Aiken hoped for. He had a good run in Thailand, placing fourth in his class. As a result of his suspension, he will miss Variety Australia‘s Jet Trek fundraising ride for charity.

GRAYS POINT – Footage emerges of jet ski stunt.

GRAYS POINT – Footage emerges of jet ski stunt.Police are investigating after footage emerged of an early morning jet ski stunt across a local car park.It's believed the footage was captured over the weekend which shows a jet ski approaching Swallow Rock Boat Ramp at speed before it skids across the nearby yet empty car park and tumbles over.The footage was uploaded to popular Instagram site, 'browncardigan', where it gained traction.Since then, police are now investigating the incident and are hoping to speak with the rider, saying the actions could have ended in tragedy.''This rider behaviour is just negligent and dangerous,'' said NSW Police Marine Area Command, Chief Inspector Joe McNulty.''That vessel is travelling at high speed and left the water and travelled up through a car park where there could have been women, kids packing up after a Sunday boating activity and dangerously impacting on their lives as well.'' he ended.White marks from the jet ski remain evident through the car park.Police are looking to identify the rider and expect to lay charges.Video | Instagram – browncardigan

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