Video: PWC Brackets Offers Kits For Phone, GoPro & GPS

You remember what they say about building a better mousetrap, don’t you? The great thing about the free market is the ability that go-getting entrepreneurs have to dream up, develop and eventually sell their inventions to as many people as possible. We were introduced to PWC Brackets a little while ago and are seeing more and more of these kits on runabouts these days.

While not all bracket kits require drilling into the factory head unit (like the one shown above), PWC Brackets offers kits that permit the use of a GoPro, GPS and portable waterproof sound system. In fact, that’s been a big concern with many would-be buyers who are hesitant to cut into their Yamaha steering system – and that’s totally understandable.

So much so, that PWC Brackets made this post on Facebook as well as attached a link to a YouTube video (which we’ve embedded below) on how the PWC Bracket kits work. “…[we] have recently made another bracket that mounts to my bracket. So basically you still do not have to drill or cut. This new bracket allows you to add a GoPro, GPS, or cell phone holder. The bracket sells for $13.99 and comes with the wrap-around bracket, adjustable arm, and mount. (This mount allows you to adapt many different types of mounts: GoPro, Velocity clip, etc).”

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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