Video: Renters Avoid Near Fatal Crash, Endangering Beach Goers (Updated)

Normally, this is not the sort of thing you’d find here at The Watercraft Journal, solely because we purposely try to avoid the glorification of people misusing personal watercraft in any form. But this footage is so dramatic, it’s almost mandatory viewing.

What you’re witnessing is a pair of renters having their afternoon narrowly cut short by another pair of renters veering uncontrollably too close to shore and eventually colliding with the beached Yamaha VX WaveRunner, catapulting the riders airborne.

This of course, will bring rider safety and renter aptitude into question. It is almost a punchline how little renters are instructed in the ways of riding, and owners are all but left to their own devices once they leave the showroom floor.

While we’re not advocating boater licensing for PWC, accidents like these are far too prevalent to be left unchecked. Below we’ve included the original description of the collision as well as the video itself:

“This is a wreck that I caught out of the corner of my eye while shooting two girls that were taking photos of each other before going on a jetski ride. I had to no idea why the girl was happy and then at last second scared. As I panned to my left and saw this other crazy jetski guy literally jump her jetski like a ramp!

“She had the craziest instinct to get off of the jetski at the last second to save her head – literally! The couple on the other jetski went flying into the sand after flying super high in the air. I was like [explicative deleted] at the ending as I could not imagine what I had captured and thank God no one was hurt in the end. CRAZY MUST WATCH!”

Although everybody walks away from the accident, there’s some seriously NSFW language that we need to caution:

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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