Video: Sea-Doo Vikings In Norway Love Winter Waves

We have become used to getting a few amazing looking video edits each year from the talented 36 year old Lithuanian HDScreenerX and his friends at Jet Ski Club Stavanger. Yet again they have been out filming and having fun, this time in the autumn waves in the southern part of Norway.

As you might remember we wrote an article about the Norwegian Jetski federations still ongoing struggle with Norwegian mayors trying to ban PWC use in a few local tows. The fight to get the government to lift the 5 year old 400m 5knots rule is won, and PWC are now classified as a boat with the same rules and regulations as all other vessels. This means that the PWC community now legally can use some of Norway´s epic scenery as their safe playground, and not be forced to ride up to one kilometer away from the shoreline to ride legally. And what scenery the Jet Ski Club from Stavanger has to share with use, we can only hope for more videos like this in the future.

Mind you, this is the same area the Tom Cruise just finished some of his most dramatic scenes for the upcoming Mission Impossible 6. No watercraft were used in these scenes sadly, but fear not, a taste of the Norwegian nature is only a few clicks away. Jet Ski Club Stavanger is a small riders club with boys and girls from Norway and Lithuania, and you consider yourself advised to check out all of their adventures on HDSCreenerX YouTube channel.

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