Video: Sealver Waveboat Compatibly Kit for 2019+ Yamaha FX Models

Sealevr released a short YouTube clip that demonstrates how easy it is to turn a 2019+ Yamaha WaveRunner FX into a boat by using the Sealver Waveboat Yamaha WaveRunner compatibility kit. Once again, you can have the best of both worlds with your PWC. Easily park your WaveRunner in the Waveboat using the patented interlock system. Load your friends onto the boat and get underway for an exciting day on the water.

When you arrive at your destination, you can take off on your own and go for a ride on your ski, by simply releasing your ski from the Waveboat. In less than 30 seconds, you will be able to get underway and go play by yourself. Your cool friends can hang out on the Sealver Waveboat and relax while you enjoy some solo water time on your Yamaha WaveRunner.

While not every PWC enthusiast is into the whole idea of a jet ski being utilized as a steering mechanism and power source for a boat; we know that many jet ski purists have been sucked into the Sealver Waveboats phenomenon. Why not get onboard and let your PWC pull double duty while you grab more opportunities to do more stuff on the water.

Purchasing a Sealver Waveboat Yamaha FX Compatibility Kit is a nice alternative to going all out on a center console or something of that nature. A Sealver Waveboat is way less maintenance than a regular boat, giving you more time to play on the water and less work to do when you get home.

The Sealver Compatibility Kit for the Yamaha FX models allows for more versatility when it comes to using a machine from the powerful 2019 Yamaha WaveRunner FX line.

Head over to the Sealver website to check out the compatibility kits and nicely wrapped Waveboats. Also, feel free to contact the folks at Sealver for pricing and other information at: Most of all, have fun!

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Ocean Priselac

An avid mountain and bodyboarder who lives by "if you don't go, you'll never know," with an affinity for wildlife and animal rescue; surf forecasting is a huge part of Ocean's life and was a winner in Red Bull's Project Swell several years ago. The 2014 LB2CAT was her first jet ski competition and can't wait to do it again!

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