RIVA Racing’s 71+MPH Stage 1 Kit for 2020 Sea-Doo GTR 230 (Video)

RIVA Racing Sea-Doo GTR 230 Stage 1 Kit is on sale for $1,794, which is almost $100 off the regular price. The Stage 1 kit is easy to install and will boost speed upwards of 6mp as demonstrated in this RIVA Racing video.

This kit delivers an awesome level of performance with the included bolt-on engine and pump enhancements. The addons require the use of fresh premium octane pump fuel. RIVA MaptunerX BRP Bundle is utilized to reflash original ECU. MaptunerX gives you the ability to quickly and easily load performance tunes directly into your stock ECU. This eliminates any downtime you would normally have due to shipping for programming.

Performance tunes are calibrated to provide prime fuel delivery to your machine, ignition timing, and rev limit to compliment RIVA Racing Performance Kits. OEM dash display, engine diagnostics, and engine safety functions are saved. The kit also features a full color, touch screen display, ability to restore stock tune settings, and access to RIVA’s full library and tech support.

The RIVA Sea-Doo 2020 GTR/GTX 230 Stage 1 Kit comes with the RIVA Power Filter Kit installed. The Power Filter Kit keeps the engine super chilled by drawing in cold air from outside the engine department.

Also included is Solas Sea-Doo Concord 14/19 stainless steel Impeller. This bad boy reduces cavitation and increases acceleration so you can go faster. RIVA Racing rounds out the kit with a Sea-Doo 159mm Wear Ring, which is installed in order to give your machine maximum pump performance. Check out this page for a list of upgrades to enhance the Sea-Doo GTR Stage 1 Kit. Contact RIVA Racing for any questions or for more info. Due to high demand, shipping is delayed, so get your orders in quickly!

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