Video: Spectrum Innovations’ 2015 Daytona Freeride Recap

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There’s seemingly no end to the photos, videos and coverage pouring out of last month’s Thrust Innovations Daytona Freeride. While none could compete with The Watercraft Journal’s stellar 48 hour post-event coverage and massive photo gallery thanks to our own Pavi Machotkova, we had to bow in respect to the absolutely unrivaled footage from Seth Zaluski’s Spectrum Innovations. The videography house has captured some of the best action and event action imaginable, and this year’s video recap from Daytona Beach, FL is no different.

Seth explained to Pro Rider Magazine, “From my eyes, the Daytona Freeride offers the best of both worlds – riding and filming. First, I already knew it would be a dope event where I not only get to ride, but also spend time with friends from around the country! Then there’s the knowing that three, 18 hour days of non-stop filming, in addition to riding, was approaching.

“Taking on the challenge of riding and filming the event can be stressful but rewarding, with last year’s video receiving over 10,000 views from over 45 countries. Well, here we are again, the event is over and the edit is done, but not before hitting record on my cameras over 1500 times, which leads to 1500 five to ten second clips that have to be viewed, cut down, selected and put into project form. Then, the edit itself takes me roughly 40 hours of post production upon returning to home.”

So far, Spectrum’s 2015 Daytona video has reaped in over 5,750 views in only a couple of weeks. We want to help Seth in his goal to exceed last year’s 10,000 views.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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